VVI Questions for Railway Group D Exam Qna in English Part 02

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Railway Group D Exam QNA in English Part 02

Indian Railway Group D exam question 2020


Respected readers today, in this post you will study the definitive GK question answer under the Indian Railway Group D Exam 2020.
1. Who is the brand ambassador for Educate Girl?
Answer: – Katrina Kaif
2. For which game was Somdev Varman awarded?
Answer: – Tennis (Padma Shri 2018)
3. Who is the first Indian woman to score 6000 runs in ODI cricket?
Answer: – Mithali Raj
4. Which planet is called the Red House?
Answer: – Mars
5. Where is the capital of Romania?
Answer: – Bucharest


6. What is the formula of force?
Answer: – (f = m * a)
7. Which is the oldest Veda?
Answer: – Rigveda
8. When was the Veda Samaj established in Madras?
Answer: – In 1864 by Keshav Chandra Sen
In 1871, it was renamed Vrahma Samaj.
9. When was the launch of Khelo India?
Answer: – On 31 January 2018
10. Who is the CEO of Adobe?
Answer: – Shantanu Narayan


11. Who is the director of the Hindi medium film?
Answer: – Saket Chaudhary
12. What was the name of Mughal Sarai railway station changed to?
Answer: – Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Railway Station (Uttar Pradesh)
13. Which Ghats cause rain in Mumbai?
Answer: – Western Ghats
14. Which was India’s ranking in cricket in February 2018?
Answer: – In Tests: – Number One, One Day: – Duality, T20 Duality
15. What is the chemical formula of propane?
Answer: – C3H8


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