VVI questions for Railway Group D Exam Qna in English Part 01

Railway Group D Exam in English Part 01

A. Questions asked in Railway Group D Exam


1. Who is the author of the book Mann Ki Baat?
Answer: – Rajesh Jain
2. Who received the Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Award?
Answer: – Gopal Krishna Gandhi
3. Who is known as Iron Lady in North East?
Answer: – Chanu Sharmila
4. Who is the brand ambassador of GST?
Answer: – Amitabh Bachchan
5. Who won the 2018 IIFA Award for Best Actor?
Answer: – Gary Old man
6. When is World Malaria Day celebrated?
Answer: – 25 April

B. Important questions to pass the railway examination


7. Which Bengali writer was awarded the Murti Devi award in 2017?
Answer: – Joy Goswami
8. Panaji is situated on the banks of which river?
Answer; – Mandvi River
9. Who was given the twenty-seven Saraswati Award?
Answer: – Sitanshu Yashachand
10. When and between whom was the battle of Panipath fought?
Answer: – Between Babur (victory) and Ibrahim Lodi on 21 April 1526.
11. How many gold did India win in the 2018 Asian Games?
Answer: – Gold = 15 and a total of 69 medals
12. What is the full name of OP Rawat?

C. Group D exam


Answer: – Om Prakash Rawat (Chief Election Commissioner)
13. President of India Ramnath Kobind was the Governor of where before he became President?
Answer: Bihar
14. Who first discovered the nucleus?
Answer: – Robert Brown
15. What causes the spherical shape of the raindrops?
Answer: – Due to page stress
16. Which is used to control blood cancer?
Answer: – Cobalt – 60
17. Which type of reaction produces the most harmful radiation?
Answer: Fission reaction
18. What type of tissues act as a protective shield in the body?
Answer: – Epithelium tissue

D. VVI questions for Railway Group D Exam


19. Who is the CEO of Amazon?
Answer: – Jeff Bezos
20. On which date is the birthday of Narendra Modi celebrated?
Answer: – 17 December
21. Who was the 45th Chief Justice of India?
Answer: – Deepak Mishra
22. Who is the 46th Chief Justice of India?
Answer: – Ranjan Gogoi
23. Who was chosen Miss World in 2017?
Answer: – Manushi Chhillar (Haryana)
24. Which country won the 2017 Women’s Hockey World Cup?
Answer: – India
25. Who is known as Bird Mind in India?
Answer: – Salim Ali
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