Was Radha the lover of Lord Krishna 01?

Was Radha the lover of Lord Krishna 01?

Was Radha the lover of Lord Krishna? If she was, then why didn’t Krishna marry her? Krishna married 8 women during his lifetime, so did he have any problem in marrying Radha? Names of 8 wives of Krishna- Rukmini, Jambavati, Satyabhama, Kalindi, Mitrabinda, Satya, Bhadra and Lakshmana.

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It is said that the love of Radha and Krishna started in childhood. Krishna lived in Nandgaon and Radha in Barsane. Mathura is about 42-45 km from Nandgaon and Barsane. Now the question arises that when Sri Krishna moved to Mathura at the age of 11, how can one imagine Prem or Raas with Gopis in such a short period? In Mathura, he fought Kansa and after ending Kansa he became involved in the politics of Hastinapur. But you will also know the truth behind it.

It is worth mentioning that there is no mention of the name of ‘Radha’ in Mahabharata or Bhagavata Purana. Then how did this woman named Radha come into the life of Lord Krishna or is it a fantasy of medieval poets?

It is true that Radha is not mentioned in the scriptures associated with Krishna. Sukhdevji also did not take Radha’s name in the Bhagavata. If Radha had any significance in the life of Lord Krishna, then why not Radha’s name is found in the scriptures related to Krishna?

Bhaktikal: Radha and Krishna’s love story got expanded in the medieval or Bhaktikal. The exaggeration was described and the warrior character of Krishna was destroyed. The devotion of Radha-Krishna was initiated by Nimbarka sect, Vallabh-sect, Radhavallabh sect, Sakhibhava sect etc. Nimbarka, Chaitanya, Ballabh, Radhavallabh, and Swami Haridas’s Sakhi – These sects stand as the 5 pillars of Radha-Krishna devotion. Nimbark was born in 1250 AD. This means Radha’s devotion with Krishna’s devotion began in the medieval period. Before that it was not in vogue?

Nimbarka and Radhavallabh, the oldest of the five sects, are the two sects. Acharya Nimbarkaji of the South first practiced the couple worship of Radha-Krishna. The people of Radhavallabh sect say that the originator of Radhavallabh sect called Sri Krishna Vanshi incarnation and who restored the ancient glory of Vrindavan, Rasikacharya Hita is the originator of the sect of Harivanshji Mahaprabhu.

The celebration of Radhashtami has special significance in both these sects. The major stronghold of the Nimbark and Radhavallabh sect is Vrindavan. Vrindavan Bihari, a scholar of the Nimbarka sect and resident of Chhipi Gali, associated with the Vrindavan Research Institute, says that Krishna was the supreme lover. His personality was multidimensional. Vaishnavacharyas have also worshiped them in their own ways.

The Nimbarka sect states that Shyam and Shyama have the same form. Lord Krishna revealed Radha to himself for his pastimes and took two bodies. But these things are said in devotion, where is the fact? History is not made of supernatural things. Those who say such things are considered to be false, and such people also destroy the reputation of religion. What is the truth?

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