VVI general knowledge of Maharashtra in English

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VVI GK QNA of Maharashtra in English

A. Maharashtra Best GK in English: –

1. When was the state of Maharashtra established?

Answer: – 1 May 1960

2. Where is the capital of Maharashtra?

Answer: – Mumbai

3. How many districts (Mandal) are there in the state of Maharashtra?

Answer: – 36 districts

4. How many subdivisions are there in the state of Maharashtra?

Answer: – 109

5. Which is the longest river of Maharashtra state?

Answer: – Godavari

6. Which is the state language of Maharashtra?

Answer: – Marathi

7. Which is the state animal of Maharashtra state?

Answer: – Indian giant squirrel

8. What is the name of neighbouring states of Maharashtra?

Answer: – Telangana, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka

B. Maharashtra General Knowledge GK 45 VVI QNA

9. Which bird is the state president of Maharashtra state?

Answer: – Pigeon

10. Which is the state tree of Maharashtra state?

Answer: – Mango

11. Which is the famous Loknatya of Maharashtra state?

Answer: – Lavani

12. Who was the first Chief Minister of Maharashtra state?

Answer: – Yashwantrao Chauhan

13. Which is the main river of Maharashtra?

Answer: – Ulhas, Krishna, Godavari, Mula, Mutha

14. Who was the first famous ruler of Maharashtra?

Answer: – Satavahana

15. Who is considered the founder of Maharashtra?

Answer: – Satavahana

16. Which Peshwa (Prime Minister) established the Maratha Rajya Sangha?

Answer: – Balaji Vishwanath

C. Frequently asked questions from Maharashtra in the competitive examination

17. Who was the Maratha ruler who specializes in guerrilla warfare?

Answer: – Chhatrapati Shivaji

18. What was the Prime Minister called during the rule of Chhatrapati Shivji?

Answer: – Peshwa

19. The treaty of Purandar was signed between Shiva and whom?

Answer: – Mughal

20. In which place did Shiva’s coronation take place?

Answer: – Raigarh

21. Shivji ji used to be called Rajdhani?

Answer: – Raigarh

22. When was the third battle of Panipath in Indian history?

Answer: – In 1761

23. The treaty was signed between Balaji Bajirao and whom?

Answer: – Nizams of Hyderabad

24. Which year was the coronation of Shiva?

Answer: – In 1674

D. General Knowledge of Maharashtra State

25. Which Mughal ruler sent Jai Singh to fight with Shiva?

Answer: – Aurangzeb

26. At which place was Chhatrapati Shivji born?

Answer: – In Shivner Fort

27. Which Maratha chieftain conquered Punjab in 1758 and 1759?

Answer: – Raghunath Rao

28. Which Mughal ruler called Shivji a “mountain rat and courageous bandit”?

Answer: – Aurangzeb

29. Which system is related to Maratha land revenue system?

Answer: – Pride practice

30. Who was the political guru and patron of Shiva?

Answer: Grandpa Kond Dev

31. Peshwa was the first to accept the subsidiary treaty of Laud Wellesley?

Answer: – Bajirao II

32. Who was most influenced by Shiva?

Answer: Jijabai

E. General knowledge based on Mumbai Maharashtra state

33. Who was the first Muslim ruler who extended his rule to Madurai in South India?

Answer: – Allauddin Khilji

34. Which Muslim ruler shifted his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad?

Answer: – Muhammad bin Tughluq (1324)

35. Where is Maharashtra High Court?

Answer: – In Mumbai

36. Where is the best port in India?

Answer: – In Mumbai

37. When was the official name of Mumbai made?

Answer: – In 1995

38. Mumbai is originally named after which foreign language?

Answer: – Portuguese

39. Where is Chhatrapati Shivji International Airport?

Answer: – In Mumbai

40. Where is Sanjay Gandhi National Park located?

Answer: – Borivali, Mumbai

41. When was Jijabai Udyan located in Mumbai established?

Answer: In 1861

42. Where is the famous Mumbai Devi temple located?

Answer: – In Babulnath near the sandy banks of Chow patty.

43. Which famous dargah is near the Mahalaxmi temple on the banks of the Arabian Sea?

Answer: – Haji Ali Dargah

44. When was Haji Ali’s Dargah established?

Answer: – In 1431

45. Ajanta caves inspired by Buddhism are in which district of Maharashtra?

Answer: – Aurangabad

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