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(प्रेरक कहानी) 01 दुःख से सफलता ही सफलता मिलती है|

Succeed brings success to success

Succeed brings success to success.

My dear friends, I am presenting a motoring story in this post. In this story, we get a Sikh to get success by enduring life’s grief problems. You should read this story till the end and try to learn something new.
It was a long time ago that a sculptor was making an idol from any other gorge and was hanging out in his house. There was a huge dense forest on the way. He was walking quickly in the middle of the forest, on the path made. He also had an idol making tool.
In the middle of the forest, he showed a stone on the way. He approached that stone and wanted to make an idol with that stone. As soon as he pulled out his tool and wanted to strike that stone, then the sound came out of that stone and the stone said that do not bother me because it will cause me much pain and pain. The sculptor had a great surprise and he also got mercy from that stone. He left that stone in the same condition and went ahead himself.
When he walked some distance on that path, he showed another stone. He also went to that stone and started making an idol. There was no sound from this stupid stone. He wanted to raise that statue by making an idol, but he could not raise it because of heaviness. He left that idol and went back to his village for help from some people. Here the people of the village were searching for an idol and the same sculptor to set up a statue in a temple.
The sculptor and the villagers, according to the need for each other, were brought to the village. The price of that statue was paid to the sculptor.
The next day that statue was installed in the temple and it was also worshiped. When it was time to break the coconut at the end of the worship, another stone was sought by the priest. But there was no other stone nearby. There the sculptor was also present on that worship there. The sculptor said that there is another stone in the forest if it is brought here, it can become a thing. In the end, the first stone was brought by the people and the work was done to break the coconut.
When all the house after the worship was done, the idol and the first stone were discussed. The first stone asked the idol that people should bow their head to you too much importance and in front of you. Then the idol said that I had suffered a scalp of that sculptor on that day. That’s why I could become an idol today and you were nervous before being hurt.
Moral: – When we face the grief in our life, we get as much success.


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