Railway Group D Exam GK Questions 2022 Part 01 in English

GK Questions Part 01 asked in Railway Group D Exam 2022

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Respected readers today, in this first post you will study the definitive GK question answer under the Indian Railway Group D Exam 2022.

Part 01 in Gk questions English asked in railway group D exam 2022


1. Whose creation is “Godan”?
Answer: – of Munshi Premchandra
2. With which virus does the “swine flu” disease spread?
Answer: – H1N1
3. When is National Voters Day recognized?
Answer: – On 25 January
4. Who is the constitutional head of the Government of India?
Answer: – President
5. By which constitutional amendment were fundamental duties added to the constitution?
Answer: – Twenty-two

Railway Group D Exam 2022 GK Questions


6. Which movement was started by Mahatma Gandhi to break the salt law?
Answer: Civil Disobedience Movement
7. Who does the Vice President?
Answer: – Member of Parliament
8. Where is Vijayastambha located?
Answer: – In Chittorgarh
9. Trans-Siberia, the world’s longest railroad, connects which two cities?
Answer: St. Petersburg to the city of Vladivostok (9438 km in Russia)
10. Amarkantak is the origin of which river?
Answer: – Narmada

Railway Group D Exam 2022 GK Important Questions


11. Which state has the highest production of gypsum in India?
Answer: – In Rajasthan
12. In which year Arjuna Awards were started in India?
Answer: – In 1961 AD
13. What is the standard time line of India?
Answer: – 82.5 degree East longitude (which passes through Naini Allahabad)
14. Who is the first Indian to receive the Magsaysay Award?
Answer: – Binova Bhave
15. Mona Lisa is whose world famous painting?
Answer: – Leonardo-the-Vinci

Indian Railways Group D Exam Question 2022

16. Swang is the folk art of which state?
Answer: – Haryana
17. How many High Courts are there in India?
Answer: – 24 twenty four
18. Who decides whether a Bill is a Money Bill or not?
Answer: – Lok Sabha Speaker
19. Who was the last Mughal emperor in India?
Answer: – Bahadur Shah Zafar II
20. Who is the first country in the world to ban tobacco completely?
Answer: – Bhutan

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