MCQ Objective questions on sports for all exams in English

MCQ Objective questions on sports for all exams in English

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In this post of friends, you are going to learn fifty (50) important questions of sports world. Those who are asked in all types of competitive exams, then you have a humble request that please read and memorize the objective questions based on sports so that you can succeed in any kind of exam.

A. MCQ Objective Questions on sports for competitive exams

1. Who is the originating country of chess?

North India

2. From which country did the cricket game originate?

Answer: – England

3. Who introduced the polo game in India?

Answer: Turkio

4. The Thomas Cup is related to which game?

Answer: – Badminton

5. Vijender Kumar is a player of which game?

Answer: – Boxing (Boxing)

6. Aga Khan is related to which sport?

Answer: – Hockey

7. Sandeep Singh is a famous player of which sport?

Answer: – Hockey

8. Ashes cricket series are played between which two countries?

Answer: – England and Australia

9. Which magazine is called the Bible of Cricket?

Answer: – Wisden

10. Which is India’s highest sports award?

Answer: – Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award

B. Sports General Knowledge in English

11. Who is known as Turbinator?

Answer: – Harbhajan Singh

12. What do the five rings on the Olympic flag symbolize?

Answer: – Five continents

13. Who was the first Indian player to score a hat-trick in international Test cricket?

Answer: – Harbhajan Singh

14. Which is Canada’s national sport?

Answer: Ice hockey

15. What is the approximate maximum length of bat in cricket?

Answer: – 38 inches

16. Which sport is called America’s national entertainment?

Answer: – Baseball

17. In boxing competition there are three rounds of how many minutes?

Answer: – Three – Three minutes

18. Which Sikh player is known as ‘Udan Sikh’?

Answer: – Milkha Singh

19. In which year hockey was permanently included in the Olympics?

Answer: – In 1928 AD

20. From which year was the official international Test cricket match officially started?

Answer: Since 1877

C. Questions and Answers on Sports in English

21. Who was the first captain of India Test cricket?

Answer: – C. K. Naidu

22. Davis Cup is related to which game?

Answer: – Lawn Tennis

23. When was the first Formula One championship held in India?

Answer: -October, 2011

24. Which country hosts the Ajlan Shah Hockey tournament?

Answer: – Malaysia

25. Where is Chinnaswamy Stadium?

Answer: – Bangalore

26. The term penalty stroke is related to which game?

Answer: – Hockey

27. Somdev Devvarman is the player of which game?

Answer: – Lawn Tennis

28. Who is the national sport of India?

Answer: – Hockey

29. In which year were the first Olympic Games held?

Answer: – The year 1896 (in Athens Greece)

30. Who is the first Indian to win a medal in the Commonwealth Games?

Answer: – Rashid Anwar

D. Multiple questions answers from Important Games

31. Where was the 2007 Cricket World Cup held?

Answer: – West Indies

32. The word Runner is related to which game?

Answer: – Cricket

33. Where is Subhash Chandra Bose Sports Institute located?

Answer: – Patiala

34. In which sport has Tania Sachdev gained fame?

Answer: – Chess

35. Radhamohan is related to which game?

Answer: – Polo

36. Which cricket player is known as Rawalpindi Express?

Answer: – Shuaib Akhtar

37. Where does the place where skating is played go?

Answer: – Rink

38. Which is the oldest football tournament in India?

Answer: – Durand Cup

39. Where is the Green Park Stadium located?

Answer: – Kanpur

40. In which year India won the first gold medal of hockey in Olympic Games?

Answer: – In 1928 AD

E. Sports Exam Questions Answer in English

41. Which continent represents the green ring depicted on the Olympic flag?

Answer: – Australia

42. The word Bishop is related to which game?

Answer: – Chess

43. Who is credited with being the first country to host the Asian Games?

Answer: – to India

44. What is the normal match for an international football match?

Answer: – 90 minutes

45. When has 6 ball over started in Test cricket?

Answer: Since 1900

46. ​​Jyoti Randhawa is associated with which sport?

Answer: – Golf

47. Where did Kapil Dev play his first Test cricket match?

Answer: – Pakistan

48. Who is the first Indian to win a medal in an individual Olympic event?

Answer: – DK Jadhav

49. What is the name of the autobiography of India’s female athlete PT Usha?

Answer: – Golden Girl

50. What is the number of players in each team of volleyball?

Answer: – 6

51. The Confederation Cup is related to which sport?

Answer: – Football

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