Indian Film Bollywood History General Knowledge Questions Answers

Indian Film Bollywood History General Knowledge Questions Answers

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A. film general knowledge questions and answers

1. Which was India’s first film?

Answer: – Rajahrischandra

2. What was the film Rajahrischandra?

Answer: – silent film

3. When was Rajahrischandra created?

Answer: 1919

4. Which was India’s first speaking film?

Answer: – Alam Ara

5. When was Alam Ara film made?

Answer: 1931

6. When was the film first screened in India?

Answer: – On 7 July 1896

7. Where was the film screened for the first time in India?

Answer: – Watson Hotel (in Mumbai)

8. Who was India’s first English film?

Answer: – Nur Jahan

9. When did Nur Jahan film release?

Answer: – On 1 June 1967

10. Which was India’s first film made in 70MM?

Answer: – Sholay

B. Indian cinema quiz questions and answers pdf

11. Who is the father of Indian cinema?

Answer: – Dada Saheb Phalke

12. Who was the first Indian technician trained abroad?

Answer: – Dada Sahib Phalke

13. Who is the Cinemascope film of India?

Answer: – Paper flowers

14. When was the paper flower released?

Answer: 1959

15. When and where did the first Indian film festival take place?

Answer: – 24 January 1952 in Mumbai

16. Who was the first person in the film world to be awarded the Bharat Ratna?

Answer: – Satyajit Ray

17. Who was the first film to be awarded the National Film Award?

Answer: – Mirza Ghalib

18. When was the Mirza Ghalib film released?

Answer: 1954

19. Who was the first actress to be elected as a Rajya Sabha member?

Answer: – Nargis Dutt

20. Since when is the Dadasaheb Phalke Award given in the field of cinema?

Answer: 1969

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21. Who was the first woman to receive the Dadasaheb Phalke Award?

Answer: – Devika Rani Roerik (found in 1969)

22. When did the Oscar, the highest honor of the film world, debut?

Answer: – In 1929

23. Who was the first Indian woman to receive an Oscar award?

Answer: – Bhanu Athaiya

24. Bhanu Athaiya was given the Oscar Award for which film?

Answer: – Film Gandhi

25. When was the film Gandhi released?

Answer: 1982

Indian Film Bollywood History General Knowledge Questions Answers

26. Who is the highest Oscar award film?

Answer: – Titanic (It awarded 11 Oscars)

27. Hindi cinema is known by what other name?

Answer: – Bollywood

28. Who was the first film show in India?

Answer: – Lumiere Brothers

29. Who first photographed plays at the Classic Theater in Calcutta in 1901?

Answer: – Hiralal Sen

30. Which was the first color film in India?

Answer: – Kishan Kanhaiya

D. What is Bollywood, Bollywood Artists?

31. When was the Kishan Kanhaiya film released?

Answer: 1937

32. Who is the first Bollywood superstar of India?

Answer: – Rajesh Khanna

33. Which is the largest film studio complex in the world?

Answer: – Ramoji Film City

34. Who founded Ramoji Film City in 1996?

Answer: – Barron Ramoji Rao

35. Where is Ramoji Film City?

Answer: – Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)

36. Which legendary actor has the record for winning the Best Actor Filmfare Award?

Answer: – Amitabh Bachchan

37. Which is the first film of Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan?

Answer: – Seven Hindustani

38. From which Lok Sabha seat Rajesh Khanna has been the Parliament of the Congress Party for five years 1991 – 1996?

Answer: – New Delhi

39. Which was Rajesh Khanna’s first debut film?

Answer: – Last letter (1966)

40. Famous Book Who is the author of Funny bones?

Answer: – Twinkle Khanna

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41. Which is the first Indian film nominated for an Oscar?

Answer: – Mother India, Salaam Bombay and Lagaan

42. Who is the National Film Award in India?

Answer: – President

43. How many Oscars has AR Rahman won till date?

Answer:- Two

44. Who is the only Indian to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award for Oscar?

Answer: – Satyajit Ray

45. Which is the first film directed by Satyajit Ray?

Answer: – Pather Panchali

46. ​​Who directed Gandhi film?

Answer: – Richard Attenborough

47. When was the Central Board of Film Certification established?

Answer: 1952

48. In which film did actor Rishi Kapoor first act?

Answer: – My name is Joker

49. Irfan Khan has been awarded the Film fare Best Actor Award for which film in 2018?

Answer: – Hindi Medium

50. Who is a famous actor named Chintu?

Answer: – Rishi Kapoor

F. Bollywood film pioneers of Indian cinema history of Indian cinema pot

51. Who was the first hero of Hindi cinema?

Answer: – Dattatray Damodar Dabke

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