Deepawali, when, why, how and where it is celebrated

Deepawali is celebrated –

Diwali festival is celebrated on the day of Kartik Amavasya. But this festival is of 5 days (Dhanteras, hell tetragonal, new moon, Kartik Shukla Pratipada, Bhai Duj), so it starts from Dhanteras and ends on brother duo. Diwali festival date is determined according to Hindu calendar but this festival falls in the month of October-November.

Why is Deepawali celebrated?

There are many reasons for celebrating Deepawali festival, from which we are telling you many stories below –

In Hinduism –

First story –

According to the Hindi texts Ramayana, Dashratha’s son Lord Shri Ram had freed Lord Rama from Lankan King Ravana during his exile and when he reached the city of Ayodhya after completing fourteen years of exile, the Ayodhya settled in the entire town of Ghee. Celebrating the festival was celebrated. From then on every Kartik Amavasya is celebrated Deepawali.

Second story –

When Samundar Churning was going on by gods and demons, the festival of Deepawali was celebrated in the celebration of Mother Laxmi’s birthday from Goddess Laxmi Kshir Sagar (the cosmic sea of ​​milk) on Kartik Amavasya.

The third story –

The day before Deepawali is called hell chaturdashi. Because Lord Krishna killed Narkasur on this day. Narakasur was a sinner, it oppressed the Gods with the power of his power and used to do wrong. He had kept sixteen thousand girls captive. That is why Lord Krishna killed Narkasur. That is why this day is called hell chaturdi and on that day the people celebrate Diwali festival by lighting a lamp with glee the next day on the victory of truth on evil.

Jainism –

Kartik Krishna Amavas had the Nirvana of Lord Mahavira, so the heroic Nirvana day is celebrated as Jain religion according to the festival of Deepawali.

In Sikh religion –

In 1577, the Golden Temple of Amritsar was established only on Deepawali. And in the year 1619, the sixth guru of Sikhs, Hargobind Singh ji, was given the jail seriala on the day of Diwali.

How is the festival of Deepawali celebrated?

The festival of Deepawali is celebrated for 5 days. It starts from Dhanteras and ends on brother duo. But Deepawali’s preparations begin many days earlier. People are cleaning their homes, shops etc. Cows and houses of houses and their shops etc. The street lanes of the markets are decorated with tidal flags etc. In this way, before the Diwali, the house, the mohalla, the market etc. are all clearly decorated. Deepawali is the festival of 5 days which we are telling you about below-

1. The first day (Dhanteras / Dhanathraodashi) –

Dhanteras means wealth + thiras = wealth means wealth and thiras means the 13th day. I.e., on the 16th day of the 2nd half of the moon month. On this auspicious day people buy gold and silver, utensils and bring them to the house. This day is celebrated in the celebration of Lord Dhanvantri’s birth anniversary, which originated during the sea churning.

2. Second day (hell chat) –

The 14th day of hell Chaturdashi comes. When Lord Krishna is slaughtered by killing Narakasur and the victory of the truth of evil is celebrated. On this day, people wake up after sunrise and wear new clothes and light the lamp around and around their homes and worship Lord Sri Krishna and burn fireworks after worshiping.

3. Third day (Amavas) –

On this main day, people wear new clothes and worshiped Lord Lakshmi, Saraswati and Ganesha. People pray to goddess goddess Karmata Lakshmi always stay at home. After this great puja, lamps and firecrackers are burnt to homes and roads. This festival is also a comic day.

4. Fourth Day (Govardhan Puja / Shukla Pratipada) –

God Krishna lifted the mountain of Govardhan on the finger to protect the lives of many people and cattle from constant rain and flood by defeating the pride of Lord Indra. Therefore, on this day people decorate their cow and make cow dung and make puja and run fireworks. People go to meet their relatives on this day.

5. Fifth day (brother duo) –

On this day the festival belongs to the brothers and sisters. On this day Yama Devta went to meet her sister Jami and there she was accompanied by her sister with her aarti and Yama Deity gifted her sister. In this way, sister performs aarti of her brothers and then the brother is offering gifts to her sister.

In this way, the festival of Deepawali is celebrated with joyful celebrations for five days.

Where is Deepawali celebrated –

Diwali festival is celebrated not only in India but also abroad. The Diwali festival is celebrated all over the world by the Hindu, Jain and Sikh communities. Countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Mauritius, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Suriname, Trinidad, Tobago, Netherlands, Canada, UK, United Arab Emirates, United States etc. The festival of Medipavali is celebrated. Due to the understanding of Indian culture and the global migration of Indian origin, the number of countries celebrating Deepawali is gradually increasing. In many countries this is a national holiday on this day.